Welcome to Student Life & Development (SLD). We are here to connect you to an out of the classroom education through the various experiences, resources and services CSULB has to offer. Get involved and create positive experiences and relationships to get the most of your time at "The Beach."

Student Organizations|Personal Leadership

Events & Programs

The Office of Student Life and Development hosts several programs for to aid in the personal and professional development of students at CSULB.  These programs play an integral role in helping in enrich the college experience by allowing students to build skills while interacting with their peers.

Alternative Spring Break | Cultural Graduation Celebrations | Leadership AcademyMake a Difference DayT3 Conference

Services & Resources

The Office of Student Life and Development also provides a number of Services and Resources to students and student organizations.  These services range from a professional advising staff, to organization funding, to a leadership resource center, and student resource centers available for culturally-based student organizations.

SLD Academic Travel FundsAmerican Indian Student Services Leadership Resource Center Student Resource Centers


Along with the help of the Associated Students, Student Life & Development recently started using the OrgSync Community Management System (rebranded as BeachSync) to help students become involved with student organization and activities.  By the end of the Fall 2011 Semester, all student organizations will be required to submit their Organization Registrations via BeachSync.  To find more about how to register for BeachSync, please visit the BeachSync Information Page.

News in Student Life

  • 09-08-2014: Make a Difference Day

  • 09-05-2014: Fundraising the easy way with Audiences Unlimited Inc. - TV show tapings


  • 08-19-2014: T3: Leadership Conference Registration Now Open!

  • 08-13-2014: Attend a new Friday night sitcom starring SNL alumni... and make money!

  • 08-06-2014: Officer Orientation Registration Available!

  • 07-30-2014: The CSULB Innovation Challenge - Win up to $50,000 in value, including $10,000 in seed funding, to make your idea happen!

  • 07-21-2014: Dr. Phil Show - Season 13 Group Invitation

  • 07-11-2014: Your group can attend Courteney Cox's new celebrity game show as a fundraiser... Weekend Tapings!

  • 07-09-2014: On Campus Job Opportunity: Learning Assistance Center

  • 06-12-2014: PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: College Beat Paid Staff Positions

  • 06-11-2014: REC 324 Campus Recreation Services Class Offered Fall 2014

  • 06-03-2014: 2014-2015 Student Organization Registration

  • 05-28-2014: Earn $20 per person on Saturday, June 7th and see Michael Strahan's new ABC game show LIVE!

  • 05-08-2014: Volunteers Needed for July 4th Event!

  • 04-11-2014: Student Life & Development Recognition Awards 2013-2014

  • 04-10-2014: CSULB Online G.E. Course- Summer 2014

  • 04-09-2014: FREE Event: "Who Decides: Hate Speech or Free Speech" on Tuesday, April 15th from 11am to 1pm @ USU, Beach Auditorium

  • 04-03-2014: Earn $10 per person for your group to see NBC's America's Got Talent LIVE in Los Angeles!

  • 03-13-2014: 2014-2015 ASI Grant Applications NOW AVAILABLE!

  • 03-13-2014: The 6th Annual Bowling for Books Fundraiser for Textbook Scholarships for Students is Friday, April 11, 2014!

  • 03-13-2014: TV Producers Searching for CSULB Students for a New College Dorm Makeover Series

  • 03-13-2014: Apply Now for ASI Scholarships! Deadline is Thursday, March 20th!

  • 03-05-2014: Please Save the Date of Tuesday, April 8th for the Nobel Laureate 2014!

  • 02-18-2014: SLD Student Academic Travel Grant SPRING 2014

  • 02-13-2014: 23rd Annual Long Beach STEP SHOW

  • 02-12-2014: 15th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

  • 01-13-2014: Officer Orientation, ASI Fiscal, and Food Handling Workshops

  • 11-20-2013: Book your group for The Exes taping THIS Sunday and earn a $25 per person donation!

  • 11-19-2013: Volunteer Opportunities with Operation Santa Claus & the OC Toy Collaborative (Formerly Marine Corps Toys for Tots)

  • 11-13-2013: American Bible Challenge is back! Earn money by bringing your group to a LIVE taping!

  • 10-29-2013: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for American Heart Association Long Beach Wellness Expo on Saturday, November 16th!

  • 10-22-2013: Student Academic Travel

  • 10-11-2013: Recruiting Half-Marathon Runners to Participate in a 2-Person Charity Relay

  • 10-03-2013: 2014 Student Parking Permit Contest


  • 08-21-2013: Careers in Student Affairs Day at CSULB on Saturday, November 2nd

  • 08-21-2013: TV Group Fundraising for Student Organizations!

  • 07-18-2013: Student Officer Orientation, Fiscal, and Food Handling Workshops

  • 06-26-2013: Pyramid Management Internship Announcement- 2013- 14

  • 10-02-2012: Student Health Services Family PACT Program

  • 04-24-2012: Student Health Services Family PACT Program

 Goals of Student Life & Development
 -Promote opportunities for campus and community involvement through student organizations, leadership training and experiences, and community service.
-Support and advise the many programs and events student organizations provide to the campus community.

 Benefits of Involvement
-Make social connections and find a sense of community.
-Make a positive difference on campus and in the community.
-Develop transferable leadership skills.
-Interact with faculty, alumni, business and community leaders and experts in various disciplines.
-Increase the likelihood that you will succeed in achieving your academic degree.
-Gain exposure in career fields by collaborating with professionals and staff.
-Enhance your resume with demonstrated skills valued by potential employers.